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GolfThere Fulfillment Delivers 30+% Sales Growth Alan Hale
GolfThere unveils a new nation-wide marketing campaign and dedicated sales team to continue capturing Fulfillment and Private Label golf business.  Since the company’s inception in 1990, GolfThere has provided private label services for industry leading golf course management companies, golf destinations, and stand-alone golf resorts. The company has produced a minimum of 30% growth in golf package sales for its clients.  

Recent success and inquiries from prospective clients has prompted GolfThere to expand this division. “We were deliberate in our limited approach to this market in the past 18 months,” said Ken Rysedorph, Senior Vice President of GolfThere.  He added, “We have refined our processes to ensure success with our existing clients and to prove the model for future ones.”  

Online booking tools have become a necessary component to golf package sales; however, GolfThere has found that nearly all golf group leaders still prefer to discuss their golf trip details with a knowledgeable salesperson.  Alan Hale, President, commented, “It surprised me since joining the golf industry in 2009 that despite our best efforts to move more of our sales to online channels, the vast majority of our customers want to talk with and discuss the details of their trip with our golf sales specialists. As a result, we’ve undertaken the time and expense necessary to hire and train a sales team that is well travelled and has played or seen most of the golf courses and resort destinations we sell.  Our team compares and contrasts the varied golf experiences at different locations for customers, and then most importantly, closes the sale!”  

GolfThere’s dramatic improvement in the sales of this B2B channel has proven to be a key component to the company’s consistent double-digit corporate growth over the past 8 years.  Golf resorts, destination CVB’s, or golf destinations, who are interested in more information, can contact GolfThere or visit   

Golfers 29% More Likely to take Summer Vacations Alan Hale
Golfers Are 29% More Likely to Take Summer Vacations, But How Often Do They Tee it Up?

Three‑quarters of golfers said they went on vacation this summer, according to the results of a national survey conducted by NGF researchers in September.

Whether by themselves or traveling with family or friends, 75 percent of respondents who identified as golfers said they had a summer getaway (not a business trip) that was at least 50 miles from home and involved staying overnight at least one day. By comparison, 58 percent of non‑golfers said they went on a summer vacation this year.

The summer trips taken by golfers weren't necessarily for golf, however. Of the golfers who responded to the NGF survey and went on vacation, 39% said they (or someone in their group) played golf. Among all respondents, that percentage dropped to 17%.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of golfers (54%) and overall respondents (57%) said they went on summer trips to visit family or friends.

Approximately 31% of golfers said their trip was geared toward a specific activity, whether it was golf, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking or similar pursuit. That was almost the same percentage as golfers who said they visited theme parks (32%) or tourist destination cities like New York, Washington D.C. or Las Vegas (30%).

Overall, one in six summer vacation trips this year included golf by some member of the traveling group.

Source: National Golf Foundation October Newsletter.  Copyright 2017