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Prepare for the Arrival of Spring Golf Mark Hale
Happiness in Hot Springs Village

Need a getaway where all of your focus can be on golf? Then Hot Springs Village is the perfect destination for your golf vacation package. With eight golf courses and everything from a grocery store to restaurants, once you arrive in Hot Springs Village, there's no need to leave. Stay in a vacation home like the two bedroom, two bath Abaron Place with a view of Lake DeSoto. You'll be moments away from the Granada, Isabella, and Ponce de Leon courses. You'll enjoy the playability, views and peacefulness of these top notch tracks. There are plenty of activities in Hot Springs Village to keep you busy off the course too, if so desired. Put Hot Springs VIllage on your golf "must play" list. 

  • 3 Nights: Abaron Place Vacation Home
  • 1 Round: Hot Springs Village - Granada Golf Club
  • 1 Round: Hot Springs Village - Isabella Golf Club
  • 1 Round: Hot Springs Village - Ponce De Leon Golf Club
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Barefootin' in Myrtle Beach


The Barefoot Resort offers all of the requirements for an outstanding Myrtle Beach golf vacation package. Onsite are four amazing golf courses designed by some of the best in the business.

  • 4 Nights: Barefoot Resort Myrtle Beach
  • 1 Round: Barefoot Resort Dye Course
  • 1 Round: Barefoot Resort Fazio Course
  • 1 Round: Barefoot Resort Love Course
  • 1 Round: Barefoot Resort Norman Course
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The Auburn Challenge


The South has become one of the great regions for golf and that includes Auburn, Alabama. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail has brought a steady stream of golfers to the state and one of the reasons why is the Trail’s Grand National courses in Auburn.

  • 2 Nights: Hampton Inn & Suites - Opelika/Auburn
  • 1 Round: Grand National - Lake
  • 1 Round: Grand National - Links
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Birmingham/Augusta Masters Experience


Begin your Masters adventure with two days of golf at Birmingham, Alabama's Ross Bridge and FarmLinks, and accommodations for two at Ross Bridge Resort.

  • 2 Nights: Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa
  • 1 Round: FarmLinks at Pursell Farms
  • 1 Round: Ross Bridge Golf Course
  • 2 Nights: Courtyard Marriott Augusta Masters* Experience
  • One Masters* Badge each for Saturday and Sunday rounds
  • Masters* Experience includes on-site Corporate Hospitality with valet parking, full hot breakfast and lunch buffet, hors d’oeuvres, premium open bar, HDTVs, daily pairing sheets, and round trip shuttle service to the course.
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*Prices shown are for the select dates in March 2016 except for MASE012 which is for April 2016.

How to Travel With Your Golf Clubs KSiegal
How to Travel With Your Golf Clubs

As an avid golfer you have spent a lot of time perfecting your golf game with your personal clubs, as well as boasting about how good your golf game is to all your buddies.  If you want to be able to showcase your low handicap on your golf vacation, you’ll need to have your own clubs to be on your best game.  If you haven’t traveled with clubs before, here are some of the things to keep in mind to assure your clubs are protected, because the last thing you need at the start of your vacation is damaged clubs.

Pack Sensibly

If your golf bag is big enough to hold your extra tees, balls, visor, shoes, and other golf accessories, store them in your golf bag. This will allow for more space in your carry-on or other checked baggage, plus it allows you to keep all of your golf equipment in one place.  Consider investing in a top of the line golf travel bag.  This could be expensive so you’ll need to take into consideration how often you travel with your clubs and how much your clubs are worth.  These top of the line bags are typically hard cased for the best protection of your clubs.  If you don’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on the nicest golf bag, less expensive travel bags are also available and those are generally a soft material. When using a soft case you’ll need to make sure to pack your clubs well. According to you should put the club head cover on your golf bag, or wrap the club heads with some clothing, then place your entire golf bag into the travel bag.

Shipping Clubs vs. Flying Clubs

Airlines will allow you to use your golf clubs as a checked item, though depending on the airline policy you may incur fees for extra checked bags, or even your first checked item.  Most of the airlines also have a weight requirement for checked baggage that you must take into consideration.  If you want to avoid the hassle of carting your clubs to the airport and waiting at baggage claim to retrieve them, shipping them to your destination is another option.  FedEx allows you to ship golf clubs, or all of your luggage if you so choose, to avoid hassle it may cause on travel day.  Rates vary depending on where you’re shipping it to/from as well as on the weight of the bag, but you can get more information on your options here

Know Your Coverage Options

Should the unforeseen happen and your clubs are lost or damaged in transit, it’s always best to know your options.  Prior to the trip, check your homeowner’s insurance or other property insurance, to see if your clubs would be covered if they were to be stolen or damaged.  It’s also smart to check your deductible to make sure the deductible isn’t more than your clubs are worth.  If the airline loses your clubs, submitting a claim against the airline is a possibility for everything that was lost.  If you’re traveling with GolfThere we offer a travel insurance option for your trip which would cover the cost of lost or damaged clubs, as well as coverage for the cost of any necessary personal expenses if your golf clubs are delayed or misdirected for more than 12 hours from the time you arrive. Be sure to check policy details.

If you still don’t know where to go for your next golf vacation, call GolfThere at 800-876-6405 and we can help you figure out what would be best for you. Just don’t forget to ask for that travel insurance to protect both your trip and your clubs.