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Golfers 29% More Likely to take Summer Vacations Alan Hale
Golfers Are 29% More Likely to Take Summer Vacations, But How Often Do They Tee it Up?

Three‑quarters of golfers said they went on vacation this summer, according to the results of a national survey conducted by NGF researchers in September.

Whether by themselves or traveling with family or friends, 75 percent of respondents who identified as golfers said they had a summer getaway (not a business trip) that was at least 50 miles from home and involved staying overnight at least one day. By comparison, 58 percent of non‑golfers said they went on a summer vacation this year.

The summer trips taken by golfers weren't necessarily for golf, however. Of the golfers who responded to the NGF survey and went on vacation, 39% said they (or someone in their group) played golf. Among all respondents, that percentage dropped to 17%.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of golfers (54%) and overall respondents (57%) said they went on summer trips to visit family or friends.

Approximately 31% of golfers said their trip was geared toward a specific activity, whether it was golf, boating, fishing, hunting, hiking or similar pursuit. That was almost the same percentage as golfers who said they visited theme parks (32%) or tourist destination cities like New York, Washington D.C. or Las Vegas (30%).

Overall, one in six summer vacation trips this year included golf by some member of the traveling group.

Source: National Golf Foundation October Newsletter.  Copyright 2017

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