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5 Burning Questions about Golf in Northern Michigan KSiegal
Boyne Mountain Monument Course

                                                              Boyne Mountain Monument Course - Hole 18

1)     Is the weather pleasant? Well, for the past two months it’s been 75 degrees all day, every day. It doesn’t get much more ideal, and if you compare it to the record highs most of the country is experiencing, it’s not hard to see why golf in Northern Michigan is one of the fastest growing locations for golf vacations.

2)     How much golf can I play? Summer days in Michigan are notoriously long. Sunsets begin at 9:30, and if you assume a 6:30 morning tee time and four hour rounds, you can play 3 rounds with an hour break in between each round of your marathon day of golf. Check in with us at GolfThere as the official partner to Michigan's America's Summer Golf Capital. Click here to see the amazing golf:  America's Summer Golf Capital Link

3)      Is it worth spending a day to travel to? Yes. Even if you arrive late in the afternoon, you usually have time to get a quick 18 holes in before darkness falls. Think of the travel as an investment, and the payoff is frequent dividends and a great ROI…or you can overlook the terrible metaphor and look at golf course rankings for the nation and see that the quality of golf at the rates charged is pretty amazing.

4)     Is there something for non-golfers to do while I golf? Besides rethinking their life’s choices? Between the resorts, lakes, nature trails, festivals, restaurants, beaches, casinos, spas, and historical sites, there are plenty of other things that can occupy their time…or maybe they will finally see the error of their ways.

5)     How worried should I be about Michigan football fans? As long as you don’t mention the name Jim Harbough with anything but a reverential tone, you should be fine.