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Golf is considered to be the greatest Scottish creation—and golfers worldwide are thankful. Scotland is the birthplace of golf and home to many of the world’s most renowned golf courses. For more than 600 years the game has thrived on Scottish soil and we believe there is no better place to enjoy a round of golf. Imagine walking the fairways of St. Andrews or Turnberry. One cannot help but feel the presence of history as these greens have frustrated and perplexed golf’s greatest players. 

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This is the real thing. To play golf in Scotland is to embrace the authentic heritage of the sport—but it’s more than a museum. Not to mention winning a competitive round of golf in Scotland will forever strengthen the camaraderie between friends, so long as the winner keeps the gloating to a minimum. Best known for the famous Scottish links courses, there are plenty of hidden gems that grace the countryside. Scotland is a country that is full of variety and the selection of courses is truly remarkable. The Old Course at St. Andrews offers an experience like no other and is one that all golfers must experience at least once in their lifetime. Our Scotland golf experience allows you to sample some of the many high quality courses in the area, guaranteeing your ultimate golf experience.

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  1. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews published the first “Rules of Golf” in 1897.
  2. Golf was banned in Scotland from 1457 to 1502 so it wouldn't interfere with military training in preparation for an English invasion.
  3. Ayrshire is the birthplace of golf’s most prestigious tournament, the Open Championship.