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North Carolina is the perfect location along the east coast for golf. The state borders the Atlantic Ocean on the east, giving golfers the chance to experience coastal views during their North Carolina golf trip, at such courses as the Founder's Club at St. James in the Southport area. The Pinehurst area is located in central North Carolina so while you won’t have coastal views, you can still experience some great golf. The Appalachian Mountains border the state on the west coast, which creates varying topography throughout the state’s various golf courses.

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Pinehurst Golf Resort
Pinehurst Golf Resort, Pinehurst, North Carolina

North Carolina's close proximity to the ocean means ideal golfing weather year-round for northerners looking for winter golfing destinations. Daytime temperatures are typically in the 60s during the coldest time of the year, which many people consider perfect golfing weather. Whether you’re looking for nature trails to traverse or shopping malls to explore, the state is full of activities to keep you entertained after you finish your 18 holes. There are 34 state parks, 14 national parks, and enough outdoor activities to keep you busy for weeks throughout the state. The South Park Mall in Charlotte is almost two million square feet of shopping bliss. If you’re a sports fanatic, you will hit a home run with a North Carolina vacation. The state is a well-known hot spot for minor league sports teams, collegiate athletics, and professional sports of all kinds. You can play 18 holes every morning and catch a minor league baseball game every afternoon, all without breaking the bank! North Carolina also has many options that cater to the non-golfers in your group. The state has theme parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, historic sites, lighthouses, theaters, concert venues, and fine dining options. Contact us for more information regarding your North Carolina golf vacation package!

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  1. Variety is the spice of life and in North Carolina golfers can expect elevation changes as they travel from the foothills of the mountains to the sea.
  2. The Village of Pinehurst is made up of quaint small towns and a large number of public-access, top-of-the-line golf courses.
  3. North Carolina’s climate will give visitors a taste of each season, whether you’re looking for fall leaves, a winter chill, spring flowers, or summer breezes.